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Artist Robert Good

"Art Language Location is a platform I founded to get text based art going in Cambridge"

Robert Good wrestles with words to consider the frailties of language and the problems of knowledge, with a particular focus on the migration of text from the printed page to the internet. He works with texts like tubes of paint, squeezing them out to explore their underlying rhythms, characteristics and points of failure.


Art work By Robert Good of Art Language Location

Previous work includes an exploration of over 2400 Geordie dialect words for ‘The Word Bank of Lost Dialects’ at The National Centre for The Written Word, South Shields; a star map of 500 Northumberland placenames for Allenheads Contemporary Arts and a compilation of over 3000 definitions of art found online into ‘A New Dictionary of Art’, which has been stocked at Tate Modern, Kettle’s Yard and galleries across the UK.

Robert Good holds an MFA with distinction from Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University, winning the Searle Award for Creativity. He is the founder of Art Language Location, an artist-run organisation working at the intersection between art, text and place that has hosted work by over 150 artists in locations across Cambridge and beyond. He is based in Cambridge, UK.

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Artist Robert Good launches Text and Context to put art works in public spaces in Cambridge. Thought provoking language based art in site specific places.

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