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Baby on the back seat

A poet in a car

Photograph of poem Baby on the back seat by Alexandra Drysdale

Driving ambition

Driving ambition fuelled by the angst of competition M522 HBD takes the bend too fast. Free at last to be no one, going nowhere

Layby lullaby

Out of my way, this road is mine, holy shit, look at the time.

Slow down…..relax. Im loved now. Be happy, be free, care for him, and him for me.

Alexandra Drysdale has been one of Cambridge’s best loved poets and film makers with her engaging brand of wit and verse where she reminds us what life all about, the affairs of the heart, and how important they are to us all.

I encountered her as she participated in Art Language Locations public art programme where she took her amazing poetry in a decked out car to the Sidgewick site and let people get in and have a poem recited.

Listen to the podcast Arts Round Up 25

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