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Alexandra Drysdale

Poetry in a car as part of Art Language Location's text based public artwork season

Cambridge Arts Round Up Episode 25

In this edition:
We get down on the street with poet and artist Alexandra Drysdale as she recites poetry in a car and reconciles life’s opposites.

Cambridge University’s Botanical gardens launch their oral History projects ‘Voice in the garden’ , we talk to Juliet Dade.

Painter poet John Lyons celebrates Black History month in Bury with a new exhibition at the Atrium.

County council historian Sally Anne Greensmith launches the Great War Between the lines remembrance project and a new online archive.

Cambridge Art Salon get kids drawing on a halloween theme

Art Language Locations test based public art works

Listen to the podcast Arts Round Up Episode 25

Alexandra Drysdale has a couple of her poems for you …

Layby lullaby

Out of my way

this road is mine

holy shit

look at the time.

Slow down…..relax

Im loved now.

Be happy

be free

care for him

and him for me.


Driving ambition

Driving ambition

fuelled by the angst of competition

M522 HBD

takes the bend too fast.

Free at last

to be no one

going nowhere

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