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The art of dishing it out

Satirical political cartoonist Andy Davey takes a look at the new political animal

Andy Davey Political Cartoonist for the Telegraph and The Evening standard at his home in Cambridge


Cartoonist Andy Davey illustrates

Cambridge Arts Round Up Episode 42 

In this programme Simon Bertin investigates the return of British satire with Cambridge satirical cartoonist Andy Davey and his take on the current political line up for humour in a world gone topsy-turvy  ….and we interview Cambridge Artist Julie Kim Rosseter, who’s deceased husband was in the SAS,  on how Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can lead to a particular brand of art as she writes a PHD centring on unpublished letters and artwork of war poet Siegfried Sassoon from Cambridge University archives.  

Listen to the Podcast Episode 42

A war in the mind 

Artist Julie Kim Rossiter talks to Simon Bertin on Siegfried Sassoon's letters

Cambridge Artist Julie Kim Rossiter on her SAS husband and a PHD on war poet Siegfried Sassoon and PTSD in Art.

At the Grave of Henry Vaughan

Above the voiceful windings of a river An old green slab of simply graven stone Shuns notice, overshadowed by a yew. Here Vaughan lies dead, whose name flows on for ever Through pastures of the spirit washed with dew And starlit with eternities unknown. Here sleeps the Silurist; the loved physician; The face that left no portraiture behind; The skull that housed white angels and had vision Of daybreak through the gateways of the mind. Here faith and mercy, wisdom and humility (Whose influence shall prevail for evermore) Shine. And this lowly grave tells Heaven’s tranquillity And here stand I, a suppliant at the door.

Siegfried Sassoon.

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