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Artist Jon Harris

"Cambridge architecture is full of interesting features if you care to view them in detail"

Jon Harris was born in 1943 North Staffordshire. He began in architecture at Trinity Hall in 1961 and finished in Art History 1965. he published an article in ‘Granta’ in 1962 on Cambridge’s great 19th century architect developer Richard Reynolds Rowe whose featured here.

He taught drawing for 25 years in The Cambridge School of Art and painted (Topography and light) until his career came to an end with a joint exhibition between the Fitzwilliam Museum and the school of architecture. He wrote for eight years on the landscapes and settlements of the four East Anglia counties and explored them on foot. In 2003 he was lured by the former Reuters correspondent, Brian Mooney, into walking the shores and inland boundaries of the county. The report of the journey was published as ‘Frontier Country’ (Thorogood 2004)

Jon Has also done various maps for local National Trust estates. He has mapped the Cambridge Preservation Society’s new reserve at Coton  for Country Life and drawn a ‘Cambridge in a day’  map to illustrate Jeremy Musson’s article on whats to see in five or six hours.

With his encyclopaedic knowledge of architectural History in Cambridge, Jon Harris has been often needed as a historical advisor on developments and refurbishments.

Listen to the podcast Arts Round Up Episode 8 

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