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Michael Brown Poet

A guide to the Cambridge literary scene..

Poet Michael Brown

Born in Manchester in 1983 he lives in Cambridge with his husband and adopted son and does creative writing at Pembroke college Cambridge

A poet actor and author he is currently writing a screenplay for an Alien movie and strangely enough is a good friend of Sigourney Weaver. 

He is head of the poetry society at Pembroke college Cambridge having also been a student there. 

He is an event organiser for the literary festival and festival of ideas and is also a poetry tour guide in Cambridge.

He travels widely to do poetry in many other countries including the US, Canada and many UK cities to poetry events…. 

Also a film actor he is one the the shakers and movers of the local arts scene.

Cambridge poet Michael Brown is currently working on his climate change  novel The Cage – about a group of humans trying to escape an alien zoo. He is currently author in residence at Milton Road Library and he works for Cambridge Literary Festival.

Listen to the podcasts Art Round Up 37 …

Cambridge pace

Mark your arrival
bicycle bell
student crime
library fine

Strolling on the common
punts stretch out like swans
rowing rivers of opportunity
education celebration

Grade 1 listed buildings
sky high college ceiling
of philosophy thinking
Bridge of sighs, never lies

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