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Post Apocalyptic fiction and Art Punk

Kettle's Yard has visitors

Cambridge Arts Round Up Episode 18

In this edition:

Aid and Abet take over Kettles Yard and lead an action packed art led entertainment evening. Gallery Director Andrew Nairne talks
Artist Richard Profitt talks on punk subculture and post apocalyptic ideas
Iain Paxon preforms ‘Prince Volume’

Robert Lloyd-Parry talks on telling ghost stories at the Leper chapel

Caroline Amory at Whitehouse Arts reaches traumatised children through art.
Creative Front an international conference on Visual Design at Anglia Ruskin University attracts young people to exciting new careers. Dr Andy Salmon Deputy of the Arts Law and Sciences faculty talk

Listen to the podcast Arts Round Up Episode 18

Mad Max’s car drops into Burleigh street the last of the V8 interceptors, but where is Max himself?

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