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Divine perspective in art and space

Clare College Professor Maciej Dunajski has some of the angles

Cambridge Arts Round Up Episode 48

In this edition: Simon Bertin grapples with Geometry in art and space with Cambridge University Mathematical Physics Professor Maciej Dunajski; He interviews exciting women artists in an all female Exhibition at Extraordinary Objects gallery; and enters the dark to look at the luminous kinaesthetic artwork of Samuel Richardson in an Exhibition at Cambridge School of Art; and also tackles fearful militarism with Artist Sarah Strachen at a further show in the Grafton centre.

Cambridge University Professor of Mathematical Physics Maciej Dunajski

Geometry VSI_Flyer

Pablo Picasso’s 1907 Proto cubism painting Les Demoiselles d’Avignon

Cambridge School of Art artists Sarah Strachen, Samuel Richardson and Stepanka Fasrovar talk about their work at two exhibitions.

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Extraordinary Objects gallery owner Carla Nizzola celebrates women in art with an all female exhibition ‘Salute’ with two Cambridge artist Mel Fraser and Lynne Strover among an eclectic group.  

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