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Sweet stone

Artist Mel Fraser creates

Cambridge Arts Round Up Episode 50 July 2022

In this edition …Simon Bertin previews the Cambridge Shakespeare festival with Artistic Director Dr David Crilly; He encounters the gorgon Medusa in a good mood at Artist sculptor Mel Fraser’s studios in Wilburton; Investigates the art of Calligraphy at the University’s Woolf Institute and samples the immensely popular Art in the Garden event with Penny Heath that’s been raising money for the Red Hen charity project

Artist Mel Fraser at her studios in Wilbraham 

Dr David Crilly celebrates 35 years of the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival 

Listen to the podcast Episode 50

Penny Heath’s Art in garden event support the Red Hen charity project

Artist Mark Evan’s sculpture 

Artist dressmaker Brenda Mayo with model

The Written Word: Timeless Arabic and Hebrew Calligraphy at the Woolf Institute

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