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Falun Gong levitation takes us up and into

Cambridge's Art dimension

Cambridge Arts Round Up Episode 1

The Chinese art of Zen Shan Ren has its difficulties both politically and with the apparent laws of nature, the artists believe in levitation and its ability to even outwit the oppressive police persuing them for spiritual ideas the Chinese state doesn’t approve of. Now in Cambridge they tell their story.    


Its been great to have big names like father of Pop Art Sir Peter Blake in Cambridge joining the throng of the Arts scene and showcasing new work, and Film maker Andrew Laynon talking to the public at  Kettles Yard which once again is  proving the focal point for visitors and locals alike.

There’s now so much to discover by visiting artists studios during Open Studios and seeing how its all done and possibly even splashing out a little ? 

Carol Sinclair, Eve Corder and Charlotte Cornish introduce the season so enjoy listening in!

In this edition: The Art of Zen Shan Ren exhibition at Cambridge Guildhall on Chinese Art with a political message the Chinese government doesn’t like, interview with Jing Wen a Falun Gong practitioner

Photograph of Andrew Lanyon

Film Director Andrew Lanyon on a new Exhibition based on his new book
on the art of the second world war at Kettles Yard Gallery, Cambridge.
Exhibition ‘Von Ribbentrop in St Ives Art and war in the last resort”

Sir Peter Blake talks on Pop Art since the 1950’s at Cambridge Contemporary Art in Trinity street.

Listen to the podcast episode 1

And Simon Bertin talks to the artist about Cambridge Open studios season.
Artist sculptor Carol Sinclair entertains at her studio.

Artist Eve Corder moulds with metal objects she welds together

Artist Eve Corder Arc Welding a sculpture

Artist Charlotte Cornish Comments on Open studios and her paintings.

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