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Alessandra Caggiano on E-luminate Festival of Light

"We invited some great digital artist to do amazing things"

E-Luminate March 2013 

The benefits of breakthroughs in new state-of-the-art clean light and glass technology being developed in Cambridge are often a little difficult to fathom for the uninitiated, and there been a problem in explaining it fully, and how it is rapidly changing the world both environmentally by saving and for generating energy.   

Light technologies ability to lend itself to doing interesting things with light in public spaces at night, and gave rise to a new idea. February saw the beginning of the new E-luminate festival of light in Cambridge which looks set to become annual heralding a whole new facet to life on the city’s darkened streets as green technology is used to light up engaging art works which demonstrate what the technology does.

It’s a collaboration bringing together the Cambridge Film trust, Cambridge University, Enlight, Barclays Electrical and Solar among others firms, and local visual artists at Cambridge School of Art.

E-luminate’s Festival of Light is was the brain child of Director Alexandra Caggiano who wants the city to adopt a new attitude towards enjoying the visual assets of the city in a way unique to the Cambridge story.

E-luminate 2018

When it comes to seriously messing about with light artistically there’s no one quite so good at organising it to go really large as Alessandra Caggianno Director of the 2018 E-luminate Cambridge Festival, and she’s about the throw the high energy switches projecting light artworks onto the city’s most impressive buildings once again this month.

This time with ongoing sponsorship from Panasonic and others and the help of  Digital Marketing Consultant Sookio she’s bringing a big name artist to join the local fold from abroad and has a line up of city centre light installation using light technology developed in the city in conjunction with many talented artists.

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