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‘Going off world with the ‘Sounds of Space project’

Multimedia artist Diana Scarborough combines science realia with imagination to help us relate to space.

Cambridge Arts Round Up Episode 49 May 2022

“In this edition Simon Bertin gets immersed in the Space Sounds project with multimedia artist Diana Scarborough who takes us off world with music and dance with space weather scientist Dr Nigel Meredith of the British Antarctic Survey, dancer Becky Byers and Australian composer Kim Cunio; He explores the life of Charles Darwins’ grandfather poet and enlightenment thinker Erasmus Darwin with award winning author Patricia Fara on the subject of Sex, Science and Serendipity; And he joins Cambridge Italian restauranteur Maurizio to hear about the other side of his life as a street performance artist.”    

Multimedia artist Diana Scarborough

Italian restauranteur and performance artist Maurizio baffles the public as a stone like statue


Anna Platero is a Spanish police woman who was also a flamenco dancer 

Listen to the podcast Cambridge Arts Round Up Episode 49

University of Cambridge Scientific historian and award timing author Patricia Fara on her book about an enlightenment poet entitled  ‘Erasmus Darwin Sex Science and Serendipity’

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