Film maker Oggi Tomic

A heart wrenching tale

Cambridge Arts Round Up Episode 17

In this edition 

We join the Open College of Arts poetry workshop day with Cambridge poet John Drew at Darwin college.

The show and tell comedy series at the Portland Arms hosts lives acts by the Twisted Willow theatre. Artistic Director Richard McNally aims to create a community arts club and forum. 

Askance Publishing throws a rope to talented writers who have a new angles in their work. Caroline Jaine launches a new anthology ‘Positional Vertigo’ focusing on health issues and raising money for Addenbrooke’s Hospital.  Askance Author JD Wiseman introduces his new murder mystery novel The Subtle thief of Youth.

Abandoned baby Bosnian refugee Oggi Tomic now a film maker talks on his film ‘Finding Family’,  his quest to find his lost parents in Bosnia.

Lynn Strover opens a new exhibition in her gallery Fen Ditton with artist Adrian Parnell

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Photograph: A combo picture shows different stories from the siege of Sarajevo in May, 1992, including General Ratko Mladić (top right), UN peacekeepers at the airport in Sarajevo and the Executive Council Building (Zgrada Izvršnog Vijeća) in the centre of the city after it was hit by a Serb tank shell. Photo by Mikhail Evstafiev