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Artist Golnar Malek

"Love secrets of the Shahnameh"

Golnar Malek  has a particular interest in the Creative Milieux, both within the scope of life and fiction. Taking after her mothers fascinations by the epic of the Shahnameh she is particularly interested in its powerful people . They love and devote themselves to self salvation and the salvation of others (will it be righteous  or not ) within the particular framework. per say, in a  public domain where people from different walks of life meet. 

Reading the less popular epics of the Shahnameh, she had been concerned with how the world (including Firdausi himself ) has chosen  a classic view on the nature of love. She looks at  how Firdausi illustrates the female and males energies within a single characters. will it be  either of the sexes him herself. The classic characters have the same sex energies , while the less renowned ones, who conduct radical approaches on love, have opposite type energies.  

 A series of paintings hunt nostalgia as it lurks  between the shadows  of the past and into  the moon shine of the present, just before melting into what unfolds as a future. Each piece looks back at  a personal episode  when I glanced at a fragments of the future, or crossed the line between imagination and  and the reality . For example Please see the Certainty and Uncertainty in the portfolio.

On of the last collections explores the creativity that blossoms from dancing  as a medium  ad a connection  which is one with music. They play  with meanings and derived from Milonga as a Creative  domain and thrive  to bring about  contradiction and harmony alike. On that theme. There are  some works not dine yet. The plan is to go back and finish them when the idea mature enough. ‘ 

Listen to her story in Arts Round Up  Episode 26

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